Scenic Detail Products

Trees add to the realism of any layout.

Scale Reproductions offers a  variety of trees and underbrush. All trees are custom made to represent a variety of conifer and deciduous species. We use sagebrush-like material for armatures and trunks on the deciduous and traditional “furnace filter” or horsehair products to build our conifers as shown at left. These trees are hard to keep in stock, so contact us for more information and pricing.

Ground Cover

A variety of ground cover, from natural sources.

Whether you’re looking for dirt, ash, or clay, Scale Reproductions has your layout covered. This is all natural material, carefully screened and sorted for the appropriate scale. Mark Preussler, MMR uses Scale Reproductions on his Soo Line-themed layout. He feels there is no finer product on the market to capture the look of a typical Wisconsin gravel/dirt road than Scale Reproductions Ash and Dirt mixed appropriately as shown at left. Cinder is another one of Mark’s Scale Reproductions favorites. With the variety of colors and textures offered, Scale Reproductions has ground cover for anywhere or anyplace you model!


It looks so real because it is real!

Most of the ballast Scale Reproductions offers looks real because the ballast is crushed and screened from the prototype. Most professional model builders will tell you nothing looks better than a layout using real world materials. It is the secret to prototype fidelity. We recommend that all of our ballast products are securely glued to your layout since no matter how hard we try, a trace amount of magnetic material may be present in some of our offerings. Instructions on applying our ballast can be found on the Hints and Tips page.