Ballast and Ground Cover

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Item No.   Description

100   Coal

101   Mineral Red Iron Ore Mixed

102   Cinder

103   CMO Ballast

104   Earth

105   Soil

106   No. 2 Limestone

107   No. 1 Gogebic Ore

108   No. 2 Gogebic Ore

109   C&NW Limestone Ballast

110   Gogebic Ore Mixed

111   Soo Line Dark Gray Ballast

112   Milwaukee Road Ballast

113   Iron Ore Oxide

114   Pea Gravel

115   Ash

116   No. 2 Random Stone

117   Clay

118   No. 1 C&NW Pink Lady Ballast

119   Ground Cover

120   No. 2 C&NW Pink Lady Ballast

121   Dirt

122   Green Shrub Material

123   Underbrush Material

124   Mineral red Iron Ore Fines

125   Sample Kit* (Not Illustrated)

127   DSS&A Ballast

128   Soo Line Tan Ballast

129   GB&W Limestone Ballast

130   Empire Builder Ballast

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