In many ways, Scale Reproductions products are used just like any other brand of manufactured ground cover. The key difference in Scale Reproductions ground cover is that most of the rock and dirt products are actually screened real rock and dirt, not ground-up walnut shells or a man-made product.

This means it’s important to glue the product carefully so that once dry it stays where it should and looks as good as it did before the glue mixture was applied.

The crucial step in any ballast job is the application of what modelers call “wet water”. This is a mixture of water, 50-percent Isopropyl alcohol, and/or dish washing soap commonly sprayed onto the surface of the layout that allows the glue to soak into the product. Scale Reproductions Ground Cover has a higher than normal resistance to any bonding agent, so the wet water step is very important. Apply your choice of diluted white glue or matte medium on top of the ballast and ground cover after the wet water has worked into Scale Reproductions’ product (about 1 minute), and then wait for the glue to dry.

As far as testimonials, Mark Preussler, MMR stated that in the last 10 years, no issues were found with the ballast and ground cover from Scale Reproductions on his Soo Line Railroad featured in the July, 2009 issue of Model Railroader. “The ballast looks great and the trace amount of magnetic material, common with many all-natural products isn’t an issue either. I don’t know of anything that looks more real, even under a variety of indoor lighting, than Scale Reproductions products.”

With good trackwork and glued ballast, your railroad should be trouble-free for a lifetime of fun!


As used by Mark Preussler, MMR

24-Oz. Water (Fills Common-sized Spray Bottle)

4 TBS 50% Isopropyl Alcohol

4 TBS Dishwashing Soap

Liberally apply mistings with spray bottle to layout and let Scale Reproductions Ground Cover soak it up. If excessive beading occurs, add more isopropyl alcohol and soap to the water mix and re-apply. Once product has soaked in, apply your choice of diluted gluing agent. We use common water soluble white glue in an 80/20 mix of water to glue.

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